Kuriózum43 éves, de 25-nek néz ki, és már 7 gyerek büszke édesanyja!...

43 éves, de 25-nek néz ki, és már 7 gyerek büszke édesanyja! Vajon hogy csinálja?

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Elnézve a 43 éves Jessica Enslow fotóit, megállapíthatjuk, hogy a hölgy az anyatermészettől csodás géneket örökölt, hiszen a 22 éves lányának inkább a testvére, mintsem az édesanyja lehetne.

Jessica első gyermekét 1994-ben szülte meg, eléggé fiatalon, hiszen még 19 éves volt. Két év múlva jött a második baba, és a következő 19 évben még 5 gyerkőcöt hozott a világra, igaz két férjtől, a legkisebb baba 2013-ban érkezett.

A szülések ellenére Jessica bombaformában van, és sokan szeretnék megtudni a titkát, ezért kérdésekkel bombázzák a jótestű anyukat. Az emberek arra kíváncsiak, hogy mit eszik és mit sportol, hogy ilyen teste van.

A hétgyermekes nő a The Daily Mail brit lapnak adott interjúban beszélt arról, hogy mindig is igyekezett egészséges életmódot folytatni, de 2017 decemberétől kezdett igazán odafigyelni az étrendjére és a sportra, mozgásra.

“Korábban kanállal ettem a csokikrémet, és a pirítósra banánkarikákat tettem. Ekkor jöttem rá, hogy ez így nem lesz jó, és változtatnom kell az életemen” – vallotta be.

I remember the year I turned 37 my mother-in-law, with the sweetest of intentions, made me a birthday cake ? She put candle numbers 3 and 7 on top and had all my husband’s younger brothers and their wives & kids, if they were married, gather around & sing ? Happy Birthday to me after Sunday dinner, like she usually does for all of us. Now…my husband is the oldest of SEVEN boys & I am 4 years older than my hubby. We had only been married for 2 1/2 years, so I was relatively new to the family. To say the least, I was mortified. ? That BIG THREE & SEVEN just beaming with a flame on each of them. ? I didn’t even know if they all knew how old I was, but they sure did then. I felt like crawling under a rock.? I was so bothered about getting older for years. I didn’t ever talk about my age. I literally believed I was old at 24. ?? Well, I’m so OVER it!! I’ve learned that doing what you love, regardless of age, can open up just as viable opportunities as when you’re in your teens, 20’s or 30’s! Don’t dread getting older! It’s better than the alternative! ? And in fact, I would venture to say I’m a lot happier & enjoy life more now than I did 20 years ago! ♥️?? * * * * #fitmoms #utahfitness #transformations #fitover40 #powerofshe #beforeandafter #fitnesslifestyle #progresspic #activeliving #fitnessmotivation #momswhoworkout #fatlossjourney #fitnesswomen #weightlossjourney #weightlosstips #fitnessmom #progresspics #legworkout #antiaging #postpartum #bootyworkout #fitmamas #fitover30 #fatloss #fitnessjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitnesstransformation #mombod #transformationpic #bootybuilding

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! ?? I will forever be grateful for my mother. She has always been there for me through all my challenges & triumphs. She has loved me unconditionally & has always been willing to help me with anything! I also have an amazing mother-in-law, who is tremendously kind & willing to help. I am so grateful for them both for all they’ve sacrificed as mothers & grandmothers! Motherhood is hard; It often times feel unappreciated, but I thank my Heavenly Father that I have had the blessing of being a mother to all of my children. It is one of the biggest blessings of my life! ??? #thankfulheart #blessedbeyondmeasure #happymothersday #mothersday2018 #momanddaughter #momandson #momlifestyle #thatsdarling #momlifeisthebestlife #motherhoodunplugged #eternalmotherhood #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #joyfulmamas #bestofmom #abmlifeiscolorful #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #liveauthentic #mybeautifulmess #inbeautyandchaos #our_everyday_moments #letthembelittle #motherhoodsimplified #nestlingly #ohheymamas #ig_motherhood #habitandhome #pursuepretty #prettylittlethings

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Így kezdett el heti háromszor edzőterembe járni, míg a gyerekek iskolában voltak, és ami az ételeket illeti, Jessica kis adagokban csupa egészséges, finom ételeket eszik, elhagyta a sült burgonya és a hamburgerek habzsolását, sokkal több zöldséget, gyümölcsöt, egészséges húsokat, zab- és gabonapelyhet fogyaszt.

About 5 years after having my 4th baby (2007) I hit a low point in my life. I went through a divorce, lived in a new unfamiliar place & had to figure out managing 4 kids while working full-time as a single parent. I went from the heaviest I’d been to pretty much having an eating disorder. I was excessively worried about being thin so that when I was ready to date again, I’d be desirable enough for a man to want me since I was 34 with 4 kids. ? I dropped to 100 lbs and was proud of myself if I only drank one or two hot chocolates in a day. When I met my husband, I’m lucky he went for me because he doesn’t really prefer super skinny girls & I had zero bootay ?? I’m finally at a place in my life, at the age of 43, where I don’t obsess over trying to achieve perfection. It took me trying to achieve it in many ways to realize physical health is a priority, but it is NOT always the top priority. It is NOT healthy to feel ashamed of yourself because you don’t look like a bikini model, or really anyone that isn’t you! We all have talents and I do what I can when I can with fitness, but I do not work out if I feel too tired or have had a very busy day or feel too sick or on Sundays because I like to try and dedicate that day to The Lord as much as possible. I’m so not perfect. But I’m just trying to do my best. And that’s pretty much all we can do! I really love and appreciate you all for your support and kindness. You continue to motivate me in many ways! Happy #transformationtuesday ???♥️ * * * * #transformations #weightlosstransformations #balanceiskey #fitnessmom #absworkout #fitover40 #progresspic #progresspics #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #momofmany #ldsmom #fitmomsofig #instafitfam #healthybodyhealthymind #mentalhealthmatters #momswhoworkout #momswithmuscle #activeliving #sweatpink #girlsgonesporty #beachbody #fitnessgirl #powerofshe #fitnesswomen #fitnesslifestyle #beatyesterday #workouttime #strongnotskinny

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Good golly, spring break is over & Monday came a wee bit quicker than expected, ? but this is my accountability post that #iwill get a #workout in today! Lots of people ask how I take care of my family & still have time to workout consistently. Some people think I have a nanny & a maid. But I don’t. Wish I did…but no. ? All three of my little ones are in school Tuesday through Thursday, so @robertenslow & I try going then, and then I try bargaining with @laurenenslow @nick.enslow or @alyssa_kimber to watch them so I can go, usually later at night when the after work rush has died down! And sometimes I don’t make it at all. Last week I only went once. ??‍♀️ Today I am experiencing some pretty bad sciatica, which has really only affected me later in pregnancy, so I don’t know why & really hope it calms down soon! ?? Anyone else deal with this & have any advice?! I would love to know anything that you’ve found helps ??♥️ #motivationmonday #mondaymotivation #momswhoworkout #utah #saltlakecity #fitnessjourney #fitmomsofig

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